The Cornish In Clarington

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Welcome to the NEW website for the Cornish in Clarington.  We are a new group just starting out and we hope you will join us!
I bet you have questions, like.....
*What is Cornish?  *Where is Clarington?
Cornish are the people who are from, or descended from the people of Cornwall, UK - the most southerly portion of the English landmass - the bit that juts out into the North Atlantic! (see the map at the top of the page), although the Cornish are NOT English!
The Cornish are of Celtic origin, and we have always been seafarers and miners, and later on with some agricultural workers thrown in for good measure.  To the left is the Blazon of Cornwall showing the professions of fisherman and tin miner.  The Crest is in the middle with the National bird, the Chough, on top clutching a Ducal Coronet in its claws (Cornwall is a Duchy, in other words, part of it is owned by the Duke of Cornwall, otherwise known as Prince Charles)
At the top of this page is the Cornish flag, known as St. Piran's flag.  St. Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall, and the patron saint of tinners (tin miners).  The black background represents the rich earth of Cornwall and the white cross represents the streaks of tin underground.

The Cornish folk of Clarington have roots in all areas of Cornwall, from Land's End, the most westerly part of Cornwall,  to the northern-most parish of Morwenstow, tucked up under the border with Devon.

The Cornish started settling in Clarington in the 1830's and they continued to come here down through the years.  Cornish folk are still finding new homes here, today!