The Cornish In Clarington

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St. Piran's flag flying majestically over Bowmanville on St. PIran's Day,March 5th,  2018.
photographer: Roger Leetooze
Getting things underway at the First Annual Cornish Heritage Day held March 4th at the Sarah Jane Williams Heritage Centre in Bowmanville.  The Sarah Jane Heritage Centre with the St. Piran's flag flying at the front door.
photographer: Roger Leetooze
Displaying the St. PIran's Flag on March 5th just before it was raised on the flag staff at Clarington's Town Hall in Bowmanville, in celebration of St. Piran's Day.
From left:  Mayor, Adrian Foster, Councillor Willie Woo, Cornish descendant Ron Gilbert, Councillor Ron Hooper, Cornish descendant Sher Leetooze
photographer:  Roger Leetooze